The Series:
The 2019 Unisite Group Qld HPV Super Series will consist of eight events across Queensland. The series is for single seat, multi-track HPVs, which comply with the Queensland Human Powered Vehicle Specifications.
To be eligible for Series points teams must register for the series and pay a nominal fee. The fee includes one set of race numbers for the year, and entry into the championship. All teams are encouraged to compete in at least two of the shorter course races and the 24hr endurance race. Any combination of the shorter course races is acceptable.

The Method:
Each event is controlled and run by the hosting school/organisation, using the agreed upon QLD Standard Set of Rules and Regulations. After the event all race results are to be forwarded to QLD HPV Super Series administration for championship points allocation and tracking.
The Categories & Prizes:
Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third placings for the following categories:
Senior Boys Junior Boys Restricted Class Boys
Senior Girls Junior Girls Restricted Class Girls
Senior Mixed Junior Mixed Restricted Class Mixed
Multiclass (SEU)
Highest placed School built bike will be recognised for each category.
Juniors are students in Yr. 7 through to Yr. 9 inclusive.
Seniors can be Yr. 7 through to Yr. 12 inclusive.
Mixed teams must comprise of equal number for girls to boys.

Please free to share / invite other Queensland HPV enthusiasts.